Dear Parish Family and Friends,

As we approach Holy Week and Easter I began to think about this idea of repetition. Many times repetition is a good thing because it allows us to learn. In order to learn something new we need to do it over and over again. The problem with repetition is that sometimes we become complacent. There are occasions when we see this within the Church. Each year we do the same thing for Holy Week and Easter. Each year we repeat the same actions. But are we the same? Have we changed from last year? I assume the answer is that we have changed. Then that means this is not the same Holy Week and Easter.

On Palm Sunday each year we hear these words, “The crowd shouted; Hosanna! Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord…” What does Hosanna mean? It means “Save now”. As the crowd saw Christ and welcomed Him as King they shouted out to be saved now. This is true for us as well. As we approach the final leg of our journey to the Resurrection we too, with the crowd, must again shout from the depths of our hearts to be saved. For this to happen we must see this Palm Sunday as a unique Palm Sunday. We must see this Holy Week as a unique Holy Week. A Priest once wrote, “Laying before you is the annual journey with Christ to the Cross, the Tomb, and the Resurrection. The temptation to see this as ‘just another Easter’ is the trick of the evil one to keep you blind to the wonders of the moment! (Barnabas Powell).” Each of you has changed from last year. Some might be struggling with something new or received some new blessings. The Church believes that this is not just another Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter because we have all changed. Let us offer Christ our hopes, our worries, and ourselves as we stand before him in the present moment. Remember to follow Him to Jerusalem and to His Holy Resurrection in order to allow him to save us now.

My family in Christ each year we prepare for this journey of Holy Week. Each year we gather and we hear the same hymns and say the same prayers. Each year we must remember to treat this time of the year as unique. Unique because we ourselves are not the same. Unique because we, with God’s grace, are growing closer to Him. Let us open ourselves to journey with Christ and once again receive Him on Easter always being aware of the “wonder” of His Resurrection.

In Christ,

Father Larry