As I write this to you we are in the middle of November. The 24 hour Christmas music stations are about to begin. Macy’s and the other big box stores are getting ready for ”Black Friday”. Everything is beginning to point to the fact that Christmas is right around the corner. We are being told to focus on Christmas. But for the life of me I can’t seem to focus on Christmas! What are we to do? The Church in her wisdom helps us with this by giving us some feasts to help put things in perspective. One of them is the Entrance of the Virgin Mary into the Temple. This feast reminds us that the she went to the Temple to become a Temple herself. We are called to do the same.

Fr. Thomas Hopko once wrote, “Jesus Christ, the Son, Word, and Image of God, is physically and spiritually formed in the body of Mary so that He might be formed in us as well. This is the meaning of Christmas, which is the meaning of life itself: Christ in us and we in Christ, God with us and we with God.” Celebrating the Nativity of Christ is our time to focus. Focus on the reality of our faith, that we are all temples of God. We are called to focus on the fact that we can become this dwelling and because of that we are to have the Christ Child shine for all to see. We are to focus on Christ and Christ being what others see through our ministries, through our outreach, through our acts of kindness and love, through all that we do as a parish.

My prayer is that as we end the year and enter into Christmas we regain our focus on Christ. I pray that we allow the Christ child to dwell with in us and grow. As He grows may His light be the light that others see in order to grow closer to Him.

In Christ,

Father Larry