Dear Parish Family and Friends,

As I write this letter the month of November is coming to a close. We have entered into the Nativity fast. As a nation we have celebrated Thanksgiving and now we look to Christmas. This year’s Thanksgiving with my family was an intimate one. Many members of my family are now married and they must divide their time between families. This year at my mother and father’s home there were fewer of us but it was still one of the most memorable. It was memorable because my kids had a chance to hear so many stories about me, my brother, sister, and my cousins. It was wonderful to relive those memories and pass them on to my kids.
Passing on these memories is fun and it also keeps our children connected to the past. Being connected to the past reminds them that they are part of a family larger than mom and dad. The Church does something similar on the Sunday before the Nativity. On this Sunday we hear about all of those who come from Jesus’ line. This is to remind us that Christ first came to save all people, whether they lived a righteous life or lived a life full of challenges. We are not only saved by Christ’s coming and becoming like us but we also become part of His family. No matter who we are or what we have done we are part of this family. Our task is to continue receiving the Christ child in our lives. By doing this we continue to grow closer to Christ and strengthen our relationship with Him.
My family in Christ I am so very thankful that I have the blessings of being part of this wonderful Christ centered family. I am thankful that I have the blessing to be part of a family with such a long and wonderful tradition in Toledo. I am overjoyed to receive Christ with you on this Nativity.
A blessed Nativity to all of you!

In Christ,

Father Larry Legakis