Dear Parish Family and Friends,

It is amazing to think that as I write this letter to you we are about to enter into another Lenten season.  The idiom “Time flies when you’re having fun” seems to be true.   Time does seem to fly.  It goes by fast because of how busy we are.  The truth is that as individuals and as a community we are busy.  Within our busyness though things can get lost.  Relationships can suffer.  We can distance ourselves from our Lord, one another, and the Church.  Lent is a time that we as individual Christians and as a community have an opportunity to be renewed.  Our renewal comes when we remember to look at all of those relationships and try and come back.

The icon that we see on this letter is that of the Prodigal Son.  This parable is used by the Church to introduce a major theme of Lent, that of coming back.  The icon illustrates the great love God the Father has for His children.  It shows that our Lord receives us with open arms and without question.  Lent is a time to look inward and to see where we are in our spiritual journey.  It is a time to ask how far away am I?  No matter if we go often to Church or if we have not been for a while this question is central to growing during Lent.   The icon and the parable are a reminder that when you are ready to return, when you are ready to take the next step in growing closer to Christ, our Lord is waiting.  He is not only waiting but running to embrace and receive you.

My family in Christ, as we enter into another Lent season my prayer is that we look inward and consider what our busy lives have done to our relationships.  Our relationships with God and each other.   I pray that we begin the process of prayerfully considering where we are and prepare ourselves to come home.

In Christ,

Father Larry