Dear Parish Family and Friends,

One of the things I remember from being a child is being afraid of the dark. Growing up my parents always had some kind of nightlight in my room in order to light up a bit of the darkness. Having even a little light always seemed to be a comfort. I write about light because the months of December and January are times of the year where the church has us focus on this very important theme of light. Last month we celebrated Christmas, the birth of our Lord who is “The Light of the world.” This month we celebrate the “Light” coming as a man to illumine all that would follow Him.

As I consider this New Year and all the many opportunities we as a community have before us, I find comfort in remembering that our Lord is light. He is light, as one of our hymns so beautifully says, that brings light to all things. “Thou brought light to all things by thine

Epiphany.” I am comforted because I am confident that our Lord will help enlighten our path. He will help to show us which way we as a family must go. Why is this so? Because this is what He came to do. “I am the light of the world; he who follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life.” Our job is to remember to follow Christ and stay focused on Him.

As we enter into another New Year together I am filled with joy and hope. Joy that our Lord has blessed us with so much. Joy, that we, together, have an opportunity to grow closer to Christ and one another. I am filled with hope because of the opportunities we have for growth in this New Year. I am filled with hope because I believe that our Lord will continue to show us the way forward. He will continue to be a Light for us as a family. We must only remember to stay focused on Him.

A Blessed and Happy New Year!

In Christ,

Father Larry Legakis