Dear Parish Family and Friends,

As we approach the summer many of us are getting ready for vacation. Vacations are a time for us to relax, to recharge, and a time to refocus. It is a time not only for us as individuals but it is a time for families as well to refocus, relax and reunite. I say reunite because during the year our lives get busy. It is important to take some time and really focus on the relationships our Lord has given us. It is important to really try and reunite and check in. Vacations afford us the opportunity to do this. The Church, as we have said many times, is a family. A family that is centered on Christ. It is a family that also needs to take the time to consider its unity and where it comes from.

For the Church this reuniting, recharging, and refocusing happens during the feast of Pentecost. This great feast in the life of the Church is a reminder to us that we are one family…but how? It is through the Holy Spirit who is the one who unites. “The Holy Spirit brings in all sorts and binds them together. It is not we but the spirit of God who makes the Church the body of Christ and fills it with truth, wisdom, and holiness.” It is the Holy Spirit that brings people together who are different. Each of us has our own uniqueness. We all have our own gifts, talents, and difficulties. It is the Holy Spirit that helps to build upon our talents and makes firm our weakness. “The Holy Spirit bestows all things: makes prophecies flow, perfects priests, taught the unlettered wisdom, revealed fishermen to be theologians, welds together the whole institution of the Church. 0 Comforter, of one essence and equal in majesty with the Father and the Son, glory to You.” (Small Vespers of Pentecost, third hymn of the stichera)

As we enter into summer, let us remember that the Church also refocuses us by asking us to open our hearts once again to acquiring the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that keeps us untied. It is the Holy Spirit that keeps us strong and focused on being the Christ centered family we are called to be.

A blessed summer!

In Christ,

Father Larry