Dear Parish Family and Friends,

Christ is Risen!

As I write this letter to you the time for exchanging the wonderful, beautiful, and powerful greeting of “Christ is Risen” is coming to an end.  This year’s Easter and Holy Week celebrations were absolutely wonderful!  It was so delightful to see so many of you coming out to help clean, decorate, offer time for fellowship, and worship.  During this time, we received many blessings from God and each other.  Now, we are looking to the Ascension of our Lord and the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.    It is interesting that just about the time we are beginning to get very used to greeting each other with “Christ is Risen” we must stop.  Yet, certain things must continue.  The work of preaching and teaching the good news that Christ is Risen does not end.  Our collective journey to growing closer to Christ does not end.  The important work of the Church also does not end.

On June 26th we will celebrate the Sunday of All of Saints.  On this day our Holy Orthodox Church asks us to consider all the Saints.  We are asked to look to them for strength.  We also asked to look to them as an example.   An example that the work of the Church continues, with all believing Orthodox Christians.  Through God’s grace and the strength of the Holy Spirit we are able to work towards unity with Him and one another.  When you look through this month’s ECHO you we will read about many wonderful things.  You will read about a great gift given from the late Pete Athanas.  You will see all the wonderful activities that went on in April and May.  You will also read that there is more to come and more to do.  The future blessings to come are made possible by God’s grace, the past gifts, and your continued work.

I pray that as we journey toward our Lord’s Ascension and our Parish Feast of Pentecost that we remember all the blessing we have received.  I pray that we look to the blessings yet to come.  I pray that we do this together working to accomplish all that our Lord has in store for us.

In Christ,

Father Larry Legakis