Dear Parish Family and Friends,

One of the great joys of being a priest is having the blessing to do the Sacraments. Two of them that I very much enjoy are weddings and baptisms. I love receiving the joyful announcements in the mail. They are both a way to share in their joy and thankfulness and a reminder of joys to come. Being thankful and sharing that thankfulness and joy usually go hand in hand. During the month of November the Church celebrates the Apostles Philip, Matthew, and Andrew. Andrew and Philip have something in common in that when they discovered the Christ they immediately joyously called others. When they found the Messiah they went out and shared their joy. The month of November and December is a time that we are called to look around and see all the ways we have been blessed. We are asked to take a moment and consider how our Lord has blessed us and where we are thankful. As Orthodox Christians we have received much and like the Apostles Philip and Andrew our joy and thankfulness should be shared with others.

Upon finding Jesus both Philip and Andrew said something similar. They both called out and proclaimed that they had found the Messiah. Philip’s words were, “We have found him of whom Moses in the law and also the prophets wrote, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.” Philip then spoke with his friend Nathanael and Philip ends with these words, “Come and See”. Philp and Andrew could not contain their joy. They had to share the blessings they had received. Looking at all of you and looking at all the wonderful things I see our parish doing I feel like the Apostles did. Like them I am overjoyed and thankful and I call everyone to come and see. Come and see the good works we are doing. Come and see what our Youth is doing. Come and see the outreach our various ministries are offering. Come and participate in the Christ centered fellowship. Above all come and worship with us. Come and see Christ working in Toledo.

This is not only what I am doing but I pray you will as well. It is our blessed task to tell others about the wonderful things happening in this parish because of you and your gifts. It is a blessing to tell others to “Come and See” and receive Christ here in our beautiful Church family. Take a look at all we are doing and invite a friend, a relative, someone who has not been around for a while. Invite them to “Come and See”!

In Christ,

Father Larry