Dear Parish Family and Friends,

I recently read someone commenting on the topic of family. He said that being family is hard work. I thought about that for a moment and I realized he was right. Trying to be a family is difficult. You have many people who are related, but each of them are very different. Do families always get along? No. Are members in our families stubborn? Yes. Trying to forgive and move along as a united family is hard work. The outcome though is a great blessing. The same is true for our Church family as well. To be a Church family is hard work. To be united in all things is hard. Again, when it is truly accomplished the outcome is spectacular.

We need only look at last month’s events. First, let us consider our festival. This event took a family to accomplish. A family that was focused and motived. We had fantastic leadership starting with our co—chairs and booth chairs and all of our wonderful volunteers. Was is it easy? No…but it was worth it. Then just a week ago we kicked off our year with Ministry Sunday. It was a day that we showcased all of our Ministries. A day in which we were reminded of all the ways we toil to accomplish Christ’s work. A day we were encouraged to keep up the good work. Let us keep up this effort because, as you saw, it is worth it.

My final thought for us is to remember that our Lord takes what we offer, no matter how much it is, and multiples it. As you consider this family, your Church family, remember whatever time you can offer to the ministries of this Church is welcomed. Whatever you are able to offer no matter how little you may think it is, our Lord will take it and multiple it. The outcome of your offering, your unity as a Christ centered family, is pleasant before the Lord.

In Christ,

Father Larry Legakis