Dear Parish Family and Friends,

As I write this letter to you my kids have begun school! Before they started Presvytera and the children had their annual school shopping trip.   The children went and bought all of the school supplies they needed for the year.  There always seems to be an endless list of items which are not always easy to find!  The last thing they do is buy new clothes.  It is always fun for the kids to have the chance to enter into the new school year with some new items.  It reminds them that they have grown physically and it is a reminder that this is a new year.  A chance to grow more mature and continue to learn.

On September 1st our Holy Orthodox Church enters into a new Church year.  Like my children, it is a reminder that continued growth is possible.  We pray that our Lord, who is the Creator, guides us and blesses this New Year.  As the hymn of the day states, “O Lord, Creator of all things, who by your authority have established times and seasons, bless the beginning of our Church year with your goodness.” We pray this for what end?  First, we pray that our Lord blesses each of you in your personal lives.  “Therefore we entreat You, bless our comings and goings, guiding aright the works of our hands for our benefit.”  This hymn reminds us that we are asking God to bless and guide our hands to be fruitful in this New Year.  It is also a time that we are thankful and prayerful.   “Therefore we thank You for all and in all, and we shout to You: Bless the crown of the year with Your goodness, and grant that without condemnation we may call out to You, “Glory to You, O Lord!”  This hymn reminds us that we first and foremost must be thankful.  Thankful for another opportunity to serve.  Thankful that we have the blessing to work for God’s Glory.

For me personally, I am thankful for all of you.  I am thankful for all that you did last year and for all you will do this year.  On Ministry Sunday you will see how blessed we truly are.  You will have the opportunity to witness what our current ministries are planning and some of the new ministries as well.

As we enter this New Ecclesiastical Year I pray we remember to be thankful.  Thankful for one another.  Thankful that our Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to work with Him to bring people to Christ.  I am thankful for you and look forward to another great year.

In Christ,

Father Larry