The Holy Trinity Kitchen Committee is very proud to announce that we have met our pledge of $10,000 for the mortgage and have gone beyond that number by $4,708, making a total of $14,708.

This is the profit from two Easter and holiday bake sales, an all-day seminar for the Northwest Ohio Office of the Aging, and we catered a wedding in June with pitas and pastry.

Since we started the Holy Trinity Kitchen in November of 2008 we have given a total of $38,438.00…

Many do not know who the committee consists of. They are our chief baker Olympia Ntakos, her helpers Maria Melas, Barbara Hartford, Presvytera Ann, Catherine Geanopulos, Eldora Brogan, Aphrodite Kourous, Dorothy Yakumithis, Pauline Biernacki and Ann Mulopulos. We can’t forget the men who also help – they are Jerry Biernacki, Father Chris, Rich Hartford, George Mulopulos, Stratos Kourous and Manuel Yakumithis.

We want to THANK everyone who sold, bought and helped make these items.