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This was another enjoyable year in Youth Greek School and Greek Language Adult Class. May 17th was our Graduation Day for our School Year 2016-2017. Our Classes offer the opportunity in obtaining endless knowledge about the Greek Language. We study reading, writing and conversation. We really enjoy discussing about all aspects of Greek Civilization, Greek History, Geography, Mythology, Customs and Cooking. We also like to talk about planning trips to Greece and share memories of past adventures in Greece and Cyprus. Some of our students are traveling to Greece and Cyprus this summer, so we have a lot to discuss in the upcoming year. We will continue to use the books of our Archdiocese Greek Educational Department and other methods. Don Isenhath passed the Ellinomathea test one and next year will try the next step, our best wishes for your success.

Essays of some of our students will follow below from the Greek Language Adult Class. During the school year, the Greek School students celebrated the OXI Day of October 28th 1940, The Greek Letters and Three Hierarchs Day January 30th, the Greek Independence Day of March 25th 1821 and the Greek School Graduation Day on May 17th. Many thanks and warmest congratulations to the students who participated Theodora Mitsopoulou, Nicolas, Vasilia and Lukia Legakis, Marianna Temple, Haralambos [Billy] Plomaritis, Alexandra and Mariam Xenofontos, Savvas Moraitis, Elliot Fonseca, Alexander and Liam McCullough, Grant and John Kopan. Many thanks also to John and Katherine Andujar and the George Anagnos Family who participated at the Greek Independence Day Parade in Greektown, Detroit, MI of the Metropolis Greek Schools. Thanks also to the parents and grandparents who made the effort to bring the children to Greek School and help out at the Greek School Presentations, providing refreshments and serving our parish at our coffee hour.

I will be very happy to answer any questions you have about our classes. You may call our church office for information at 419-243-9189 or myself at 419-476-0522. We accept students of any age. Classes are held in the Community Center every Wednesday 4-6pm for the youth and 6-9pm for the adults. The new school year will start Wednesday, September 20th, 2017. You may register for the classes at the Greek Language Educational Booth at our yearly Greek American  Festival September 8, 9 and 10th 2017 and at our Community Center any Sunday at the coffee hour. The classes are free to our church members and one hundred dollars for the full year for the nonmembers. When you attend as a family a discount is offered. We would like to thank our priest, our parishioners and our church board for supporting our beloved Greek School. We also thank George and Joyce Anagnos and John and Catherine Andujar for taking and developing our pictures at our Greek School Presentations. We wish all of you a pleasant summer and a good upcoming year 2017-2018.


 Adult Greek School Testimonials


My name is Donald-Dionisios Isenhath and I live in Sylvania, Ohio. I am a student of the Greek Language Adult Class in the evening 6-9pm. every Wednesday. I took the Ellinomathea test to test my knowledge and I passed it with a high Grade. I am proud of myself and I look forward to take the next step next year. I am fond of the Greek Language and I will continue next year too. My wife was Greek American from Toledo, her name was Nikki, she was a beautiful person, she got sick and passed away a few years ago. Her family was from Andritsena, Peloponisos, Greece. We have relatives in Skiathos and Rafina, we talk on the phone and they are telling me my Greek is getting better and better. I visited them last year in the summer with my daughter and son-in-law and we had a marvelous time. Now I am a grandfather of a beautiful granddaughter. She is the joy of our family. I am a retired American Army Lieutenant Colonel and now I teach at the University of Toledo. I would like to thank the parish of Holy Trinity Cathedral for providing the class and our excellent teacher Mrs. Dawn-Avgi Anagnos.Have a wonderful summer and good luck with your Greek American Festival September 8, 9 and 10, I will try to be there.

Donald-Dionisios Isenhat

Ονομαζομαι Διονυσιος Αιζενχαθ μενω εις Συλβενια, Οχαιο και ειμαι μαθητης της νυκτερινης ταξης των Ελληνικων δια ενηλικους καθε Τεταρτη 6-9μμ. Πηρα τις εξετασεις της Ελληνομαθειας και περασα με αριστα, ειμαι υπερηφανος και ευχομαι και του χρονου. Μου αρεσει πολυ η Ελληνικη Γλωσσα και θα παρω την ταξη και του χρονου. Η συζυγος μου ηταν Ελληνοαμερικανιδα και οι προγονοι της ηταν απο την Αντριτσενα της Πελοπονησου, την ελεγαν Νικκη και ηταν ωραια και πολυ καλος ανθρωπος, αρρωστησε και απεβιωσε εδω και λιγα χρονια. Εχουμε συγγενεις στη Σκιαθο και την Ραφηνα, μιλουμε στα Ελληνικα και μου λενε οτι εχουν προοδευσει τα Ελληνικα μου. Τους επισκευθηκαμε περσυ το καλοκαιρι με την κορη μου και τον γαμπρο μου και περασαμε πολυ ωραια, μιλησαμε για αυτο στην ταξη. Φετος πηγα στην Χαουαη με ενα φιλο μου και περασαμε πολυ ωραια. Θα ειμαι εδω στο πανηγυρι σας τον Σεπτεμβριο. Υπηρετησα στον Αμερικανικο Στρατο ως Συνταγματαρχης, τωρα ειμαι συνταξιουχος και καθηγητης στο πανεπιστημιο του Τολητο. Θελω να ευχαριστησω την κοινοτητα του Καθεδρικου Ναου της Αγιας Τριαδας που μας παρασχει αυτη την ταξη και την πολυ καλη δασκαλα μας την κυρια Αυγη Αναγνωστοπουλου. Καλο καλοκαιρι και καλη τυχη στο πανηγυρι σας.

Διονυσιος Αιζενχαθ


Our names are Randy-George and Vickie Schneider from Martin, Ohio, Alexandria Gillis from Bowling Green, Kim-Julia Steve from La Salle, MI. Nick Phillips from Finley, Tom and Susan Karsiotis from Oregon, Cathy Andujar from Temperance, MI. Brian and Jessica Meass from Sylvania and Brandi Benavides from Hamler, Ohio. I am a nurse and I correspond with a Greek girl- friend in English and I want to learn Greek to correspond in the Greek Language. Also as a nurse I want to understand the medical terms that are in the Greek Language.  I also like the language. Tom and Susan Karsiotis chant in their church and want to learn and improve in the Greek Language. All the above are students of the Greek Language Adult Class, Wednesdays 6-9pm. They are trying to learn and improve in the Greek Language and hopefully take the Ellinomathea test next year, they like the Greek Language and also would like to take a trip to Greece. We will talk more about it next year and all like to take the class next year. They would like to thank the parish of Holy Trinity Cathedral and our excellent teacher Mrs. Dawn-Avgi Anagnos. Have an enjoyable summer and good luck with your Greek American Festival September 8, 9 and 10th 2017.

Randy-George and Vickie Schneider, Alexandria Gillis,Kim-Julia Steve, Nick Phillips, Cathy Andujar, Tom and Susan Karsiotis, Brian and Jessica Meass and Brandi Benavides.

Ονομαζομαι Ραντης-Γεωργιος Σναιτερ απο το Μαρτην, Οχαιο, Αλεξαντρια Γιλλης απο το Μπολλινκ Γκρην, Κιμ-Ιουλια Στηβ απο το Λασελ, ΜΙ, Νικος Φιλιπου απο το Φινλη, Αθανασιος και Σουσαννα Καρσιωτη απο το Ορικον, Κατερινα Αντουχαρ απο το Τεμπερανς ΜΙ, Μπραιαν και Τζεσικα Μεας απο το Συλβανια και Μπραντη Μπεναβιδης απο το Χαμλερ, Οχαιο. Ειμαστε ολοι μαθητες της Ελληνικης Γλωσσας δια Ενηλικους καθε Τεταρτη 6-9μμ. Προσπαθουμε να μαθουμε και να καλυτερεψουμε τα Ελληνικα μας με την ελπιδα του χρονου να παρουμε τον διαγωνισμο της Ελληνομαθειας. Μας αρεσει η Ελληνικη Γλωσσα και θελουμε να παμε κανενα ταξιδι στην Ελλαδα. Γιαυτο θα μιλησουμε του χρονου, ολοι θελουμε να παρουμε την ταξη αυτη του χρονου.