Philoptochos continues to participate in the Kroger Community Rewards Fundraiser. Since December 2002 when we first joined, Kroger has used several methods to run this program and the current system has been consistent for a number of years. Below is a recap of the last 6 years:


2011                88                               $ 3,345.04

2012                106                              $ 4,520.68

2013                125                              $ 5,232.58

2014                122                              $ 4,696.92

2015                118                              $ 4,044.69

2016                111                              $ 3,780.16

Grand total to date is $43,612.73

Many factors determine our results; most important is the number of participants! The amount of the rewards is based on a percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending of all participating organizations. There are over 7,000 organizations! To increase our earnings, we need to increase the number of participants.

Wish to remind you that all purchases including groceries, prescriptions, flowers, fuel and other merchandise add to our earnings. Another benefit of shopping Kroger is the fuel points that entitle you to 10 cents off per gallon of gas for every 100 points.

We ask you to please check the bottom of your Kroger receipt. If the bottom of your receipt does not read “2016-2017 Kroger Community Rewards. You requested Kroger to donate to HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX PHILOPTOC” your purchases are not helping Philoptochos. You must re-enroll your Kroger Plus Card or if you haven’t yet designated our Philoptochos as your charity to receive benefits for your purchases, PLEASE DO THAT!

 We urge everyone who is not already enrolled in this program to please take the time to sign up. Instructions are in the box.  If you are in doubt about your status, please check at the service counter.

The web site to join or re-enroll is www.krogercommunityrewards.com . Follow the prompts. Our name is Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Philoptochos and our ID# is 81429.  Make a note of your Kroger password and also put a reminder on your computer to re-enroll in April.

We are competing with some very, very,  large organizations! We ask you to please invite others (one does not have to be a parishioner to participate) to join us in this fundraiser. It does not cost a cent! It is PAINLESS, PROFITABLE & PERPETUAL!

Philoptochos is grateful to all our participants and to Kroger for all their contributions.

Questions? Please see Mary Dedes.