A quarter ended January 31, 2017 and it will be several weeks till we know what we earned.

Through the efforts of Holy Trinity parishioners and friends, Philoptochos has received more than $43,000 from the Kroger Community Rewards program. Thank you to all participants.

The Kroger Community Rewards cycle is from May through April and we are required to re-enroll annually in April. Even if you enroll for the first time in March 2017, you must re-enroll in April 2017. You will be reminded of this in next month’s article as well.

The web site to join or re-enroll is www.krogercommunityrewards.com . Follow the prompts. Our name is Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Philoptochos and our ID# is 81429. Make a note of your Kroger password and also put a reminder on your computer to re-enroll in April.

Please join us and enroll in this Painless, Profitable & Perpetual fundraiser.

Many thanks again to all participants!

Questions?? Contact  Mary Dedes.