A quarterly cycle ended April 30 and we will learn our earnings in about 4 weeks.

We welcome Faye Haberman as the new co-chairman of this Painless, Profitable and Perpetual fundraiser.

One Sunday soon, Faye will have her laptop computer and will be available during the coffee hour, to enroll Kroger Plus Card parishioners who have not yet enrolled and to re-enroll those who have not done so already.

A new year for the Kroger Community Rewards fundraising program begins May 1. Kroger requires we re-enroll our Kroger Plus card in order to continue earning $$ for our Philoptochos for the next 12 months.

The web site to re-enroll is www.krogercommunityrewards.com   Sign in and click on “Community”, scroll to “Community Rewards”. Our name is Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Philoptochos and our ID# is 81429. Make a note of your Kroger password and also put a reminder on your computer to re-enroll in April.

Philoptochos has many charitable projects and income from this fundraiser helps support these causes.

Philoptochos thanks each and every participant and asks anyone not participating at this time to please enroll.