Exciting news for you this month!

Thanks to Faye Haberman we have six (6) new households enrolled in the Kroger Community Rewards fundraiser!

Also good news is that:

  • You will no longer be required to ‘Renew’ your Kroger Plus Card annually.  The only time you will need to get into your Community Rewards account is if you wanted to change/add Philoptochos as the recipient for the Kroger Community Rewards
  • Also, please, make sure you add your phone number under the ‘Alt ID’ section of your Kroger Account.  If you forget your Kroger card and/or use your phone number; this ensures Philoptochos gets credit for the Rewards.  If your phone number is not listed under ‘Alt ID’, you definitely get the Kroger discounts, but Philoptochos does not get credit for the rewards!  Your phone number MUST be under the ‘Alt ID’ section.
  • Finally, it is very important that you keep all your contact information including your ‘Alt ID’ up to date.  For example; your e-mail address, password, mailing address, phone number, etc…  If this information is not current, you may be missing out on your Kroger discounts and the Kroger Rewards may not be posting to the Philoptochos account.

April 30th was the end of a Kroger Community Rewards cycle and notification of our earnings should arrive soon.

The web site to join is www.krogercommunityrewards.com . We are in the Columbus district. Our name is Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Philoptochos and our ID# is 81429.

Philoptochos thanks all for your continued support of this PAINLESS, PROFITABLE AND PERPETUAL fundraiser.