As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”

John 20:21

The focus of this year’s 2017 Stewardship Campaign is to encourage new and old stewards alike, to come and be a part of ALL that Holy Trinity has to offer.  We believe that the more people become involved in our many ministries, the more they will make a commitment, in some way, to the future of this beloved Cathedral.  The problem however, is that summer is quickly approaching… Many people begin to make preparations for their summer adventures.  Often, this means time spent away from Holy Trinity. By the time the festival rolls around in September and everyone is back from their summer travels, we have missed out on three valuable months where we could be welcoming Stewards to “Join the Holy Trinity Team!”

Many people think that the Church slows down in the summer, but that is far from the truth!  There are so many events that take place in the summer from Festival baking workshops to our ever-growing Summer Luncheon program to Festival dance practices for the youth.  These are all AMAZING opportunities to bring in many of the over 500 possible Stewards that are on our registry for Holy Trinity, and invite these people to become active participants in our Holy Trinity family.

Try and think back to a time when you felt uncomfortable about going somewhere. You were the “new” person and you felt as though you didn’t fit in.  All it takes is for us to extend ourselves just a little. Make a phone call and invite someone to come with you to any one of the many summer events that we attend regularly here at Church. Once someone feels welcome and wanted, they can’t help but return and become more involved.  YOU could be the person who makes a difference!

Ponder these words… As you look back on all that you have done in your life, what will give you the most satisfaction?  It will probably be the pleasure that you have brought to other people’s lives, as well as the acts of kindness you have shown to others.  It’s so easy to live for yourself.  It’s a basic instinct that we have to overcome every day.  But we can all take another path …we can be welcoming and generous with the  love and time that we give to others, because those gifts are when we’re being as “generous” as we can be!  Your Stewardship Committee believes that this is the true message of a healthy Stewardship Program and we are working hard this year to convey this message to everyone!

“If every person understood that we are ALL in essence members of the Stewardship Committee by virtue of being a member of Holy Trinity, we would ALL be working hard to make sure that EVERYONE feels welcome and makes a commitment in some way to their ability, to this Church. This is the real solution to the future stability of Holy Trinity.”

Don’t be a “stranger” this summer!  Bring a friend “home” to Holy Trinity!