For quite a few months now, the Stewardship Committee has been trying to send the message that,

“If every person understood that we are ALL in essence members of the Stewardship Committee by virtue of being a member of Holy Trinity, we would ALL be working hard to make sure that EVERYONE makes a commitment in some way, financially or otherwise, to their ability to the Church. This is the real solution to the future stability of Holy Trinity.”

In the upcoming next three Sundays, you will be seeing familiar bulletin inserts preparing you for Stewardship Sunday on October 23rd.  Fr. Larry will once again be blessing everyone’s 2017 Stewardship Commitment Cards and the Stewardship Committee and the Church Board will be providing our community with a luncheon to express their gratitude for supporting this most important ministry.  We hope to see the Cathedral packed that day as everyone returns their filled out 2017 Stewardship Commitment Card.  The response from people filling out their cards for 2016 was overwhelming! It truly demonstrates that everyone  understands and embraces the necessity of being able to budget more effectively for the coming year based on these commitments.  Don’t forget that you still have through December to fulfill your 2016 Stewardship Commitment and thank you to everyone who already has or will be doing that!!! 

By now, you should have received the envelope containing your 2017 Stewardship Commitment Card.  If you have not received one, please contact Carole and one will be sent to you.  In the coming weeks prior to Stewardship Sunday, please think prayerfully about your commitment, and consider offering the same or perhaps an increase from last year’s Commitment based on the blessings that God has bestowed upon you.

We are excited about the changes in Stewardship for upcoming year!  Below, is the letter that was sent to your homes recently that talks about, “What Stewardship Really Is…”  Just remember that now, more than ever we need EVERYONE to be a part of our Stewardship Team!  The Holy Trinity Team!!!

As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”
John 20:21

Dear Beloved Parishioners of Holy Trinity,

As the leaves begin to turn bright colors on the trees and our festival is now another “successful” memory, we realize that October is fast approaching. Many people think of fall as the prelude to winter and the ending of yet another year. However, here at Holy Trinity, it is actually the beginning of something quite new!  

We are very excited this year to begin a new era in Stewardship!!!  As a committee, we asked ourselves this year, “What is stewardship really?”  Well you need to only look around the church during our festival and you will see Stewardship in action.  So many people gave up so much of their time and talents to make this year a success.  Every day, all year long, Parishioners come down to our church to participate in the many ministries that we have here at Holy Trinity.  This, dear friends is true Stewardship!

As this year’s theme states, all God asks of us is to go out and spread the word to others just as you have received it.  That is Stewardship!  What Holy Trinity needs now more than ever is for everyone in our community to go out and bring new people into or back to our Church and welcome them to join all the ministries that you yourselves enjoy!  In so doing, our Cathedral will grow and thrive and so will Stewardship!

Stewardship isn’t about asking the same small amount of people to keep giving more and more money each year.  It’s about welcoming new people and making them feel at home here at Holy Trinity just like you do. We protect and take care of our Cathedral and new people will want to do that too.  On Sunday, October 23rd we will once again be having Stewardship Sunday and the kick-off to the 2017 Stewardship Campaign! Our goal this year as members of the Stewardship committee is to spread the word to every member of our community that everyone, no matter what their ability, should give in some way to our church, and we aren’t speaking simply of monetary donations.

Please remember, the Stewardship Committee of Holy Trinity isn’t just seven people.  EVERY MEMBER of this Cathedral is a member of the Stewardship Committee and together, we can keep Holy Trinity alive and blessed for many years to come!  Join us on October 23rd and bring your filled out commitment card to be placed in the basket with others and while you’re at it, bring along someone new so that we can welcome them to our family!

Be a Part of our Team!  The Holy Trinity Team!!!

The Stewardship Committee