In my previous reports, I have written about the need for transparency as well as focusing on people rather than dollars when it comes to stewardship.  I am pleased to report that we are moving in the right direction.  Every week, it fills my heart with pride that we have a consistent group of Altar Boys serving.  Sunday school, HOPE and JOY, GOYA and REAL are actively engaging in community activities.  Just recently, our GOYAN’s sponsored a student to go to school in Kenya.  This is only one of the actions that our children are taking on the road to becoming full stewards of the Church.  Our children engage because their parents are engaged.  This community is blessed to have so many adult role models. You find these people in every organization, and the numbers are great.

Our focus now needs to turn to those people that we know who pay stewardship one time and then we don’t see them again.  If you know someone in this group, call them.  Ask them to join you for church.  If you see a new face, introduce yourself.  These seem like small gestures, but they really make a difference.  If we get one of these people to come on a regular basis, we are succeeding in our goal.

We are still looking for volunteers for the buildings and grounds committee to help prioritize our “to do” list.  If you or someone you know is interested, please let me know.

Finally as we get closer to the end of Great Lent, I wish all of you Kαλή Aνάσταση and a Happy and Blessed Easter.