Christos Anesti!

YAH had a wonderful trip to NYC in April. We returned in time for our Easter celebration and we hope everyone had a great holiday with their families.

We had an unforgettable time on our trip with stops in Philadelphia visiting the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

In NY we visited the 911 Museum on our first day. The beautiful Central Park, SOHO, Chinatown, Little Italy and a drive around NY with our terrific tour guide pointing out all the different areas of the town. We went to Ellis Island where some of us looked up our relatives who had arrived through there.  It was very emotional for some of us.  The Statue of Liberty was exciting.  Miss Liberty is still a beautiful symbol sitting on the Island welcoming people from all over the world .We had our last dinner at the Trump tower and a visit to Time Square.  It was a very exciting and fun time and a BIG THANK YOU goes to Tina Papalekas for organizing and being the best social director. She kept us busy with funny stories movies and games.  We had plenty of refreshments. A thank you also goes to Dorothy Yakumithis for all her work in keeping track of the finances for our trip and she and Tina purchased the refreshments together.  Our last stops were Hershey Pennsylvania and a beautiful flower garden which was enjoyed all.

At May’s meeting we enjoyed a lecture from Basil Apostolou on Food, Music and Faith – A journey through the Greek culture.

We will also be planning some fun day activities throughout the summer.

Please consider joining us in the fall.  We welcome everyone 50 years young.

We are happy to welcome back with us Nitsa Matthews.  YAH has missed her and we are so happy to have her back.

Have a safe and happy fun filled summer.