My dear fellow parishioners,

Over the past few weeks we have had to redefine “normal”. We have moved to live streaming our services and video Bible Study as well as meeting remotely via computer, etc. The burden each of us carries through this difficult time is sad but also strengthens us as a community. Many of us have been financially impacted during this quarantine. Salaries have been cut, people are being laid off and frankly, some businesses have already succumbed to the strain of this pandemic and closed.

We understand and empathize and Holy Trinity is here for you. Father Larry and the parish council are committed to do whatever we can to easy the stress of our parishioners.

Over the past two weeks, Father Larry has reminded us that we have the option of online giving. This was at my request. As time goes on, we still need to cover the overhead of our parish. We are doing the best that we can, but still need support.  If you are able, please either use our website to donate online or mail a check. If you are unable at this time, we understand and ask that you continue joining us online every Sunday and during our Lenten services to pray for an end to this horrible pandemic. We are all in this together and I believe that when the siege is over, we will be a closer, stronger community because of it.

You are all in my family’s prayers.

Emmanuel T. Yakumithis