Last month I wrote to you as we were beginning to open.  In that letter the above quote was offered to you.  I continue to be so very thankful to the Lord for He certainly is good and merciful.  I am thankful as well, that we have been able to gather for Liturgy.  I am thankful for your patience as we have opened.  Thus far we feel that phase one has gone very well.  It has gone well because of you, the members of our beloved community.  All of you have followed the directives handed down from the Metropolis, State, and local governments.  Beginning Sunday, July 5th we will enter phase 2.

As we enter into the second phase the number of worshipers will go up to 60.  Like before, once we reach that number no one else will be allowed in.  In order to make sure everyone who wants to worship has an opportunity, we will continue asking everyone to sign up on our google sign-up sheet  We will continue to have additional Liturgies during the week for those who would rather come on those days.

The Church will continue to use the same procedures that we have been using.  The letter with the procedures is attached.  You may also go to  to see a short video on the procedures for the Church.  The directives with regard to the hall and meetings have not changed.  There will be very little access granted to the Social Hall.  Carole is in the office on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 am-3pm.  Father Larry is in the office daily except for Friday.  These hours will continue through the month of July.

We will communicate with you again no later than August.  The Parish Council and I will continue to monitor the directives from the Metropolis, State, and local governments.   If there are any changes, we will communicate it to you immediately.  The original directives from the Metropolitan are also attached. We ask for your continued prayers and your patience as we continue to journey through these unprecedented times.  May our Lord grant us all strength.

In Christ,

Father Larry