Festival Donations

Soon we will be embarking on our 51st Annual Greek American Festival.  A few weeks ago, you received a sponsorship request and for those who have contributed, we thank you.

Below you will find the anticipated cost of operating this year’s festival.  We humbly ask that you consider contributing to help offset the cost.  You can sponsor a particular area, or make a general donation.  Every dollar goes directly to our bottom line, which in turn, helps our parish.


BOOKSTORE $1,762.72
COFFEE $260.86
FAST FOOD/GYRO $17,500.00
GOURMET FOODS $39,006.27
PASTRY $12,808.74
PIZZA $1,105.97
SAGANAKI $1,485.80
T-SHIRTS $3,502.75
TAVERNA $14,538.07
TOTAL   $174,767.67




Thank you for your consideration!