It has been a blessing to see many of you coming to Church on Sundays.  We would like to first thank you for following the rules and being patient.  Let me offer a few things that we have noticed.

First, we can not stress the importance of signing up.  Signing up allows us to keep an accurate count of who is coming.  When we forget to sign up and come to worship we most likely will take someone’s seat who has signed up.

Sign-up for Services Here

Second, we have realized that depending on who is signed up (families or individuals) impacts the availability of seating on the first floor.  Please remember the balcony is open and is part of the 60 person seating that we have.  If the main floor of the Church is full please remember you may go upstairs.  If this is difficult we have opened the hall for overflow.  You may watch the service on the two televisions then come over for communion.

Please remember that concessions like these are made in order to accommodate the needs of the community in a safe way.  This does not mean that the social hall is open for ministry.  Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Also, we have some news for our Altar boys as well.  Metropolitan Nicholas is allowing Altar boys to once again serve in the Altar.  If your son is interested in coming back into the Altar please let me or Tom Photos know.

The Church will continue to use the same procedures that we have been using.  You may also go to  to see a short video on the procedures for the Church.  Carole is in the office on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 am-3pm.  Father Larry is in the office daily except for Friday.

The Parish Council and I will continue to monitor the directives from the Metropolis, State, and local governments.   If there are any changes, we will communicate it to you immediately.  We ask for your continued prayers and your patience as we continue to journey through these unprecedented times.  May our Lord grant us all strength.

In Christ,

Father Larry